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The weekly bulletin is available as a PDF to download here.

The times for Mass at Church of Our Lady and St Wulstan. Visitors looking for the church entrance can find a sign like this outside the church.

Should you be visiting other parishes throughout the UK, you can find their mass times on CatholicClocks.com.

For information on other Diocese within England and Wales, you can also visit The Catholic Church of England and Wales website.

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Bible Study
The association of Bible study and prayer is an important one. Christians do not merely study the Bible as an academic disciple, but with the desire to know God better. Therefore, they frequently pray that God will give them understanding of the passage being studied.
Eucharistic Adoration
"Could You not Watch One Hour With Me?" A period spent in adoration can bring calm and peace into our busy lives during.
Holy Rosary
The Holy Rosary of the Virgin Mary is a contemplative and Christocentric prayer. Join us in the power of praying together to offer our prayers and intentions to Our Lady.
Please see our homepage and newsletter details and intentions.
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